Voice Over Artist

As a voice over artist, Larry G. Jones connects with ad agencies, producers, companies, and radio stations as well as audio book publishers to lend his voice over talent to all their professional productions.

First impressions count for everything, which is why successful organizations put considerable effort into making sure their online presence represents their brand in the most effective way.

From the videos on your website to the TV or radio commercials you produce, those representations should be top quality and impressive as well.

Larry's voice is capable of an extraordinarily wide range of styles. From the silky smooth tones he's able to produce to the remarkable variety of voices he conjures, it's easy to see why his greatest asset is his voice.

Why not put award winning talent to work for your business?

Recognized for the pure quality and resonance of his voice Larry is the winner of two merit-based voice scholarships, one from The Southern California Conservatory of Music and the other from Loyola Marymount University.

His voice talent has also been syndicated through Premier Radio Networks, who distribute his character voices, singer impersonations, and comedy writing to morning shows on over 1000 radio stations.

Larry has the right mix of incredible talent and unwavering professionalism that makes him exceptionally easy to work with.  Right from the initial contact with him, through the consultation phase and onto getting the job specs right, Larry will deliver and not only meet but exceed your expectations.

He's lent his remarkable voice over talent to hundreds of corporate projects over the years, and he's sold to, informed, and entertained audiences in the most enlightened and talented way possible.

With Larry, what starts out as a flat script comes alive with a depth of character that engages, plus a command of vocal talent that gets your message across.  It's the ideal combination of vocal talent, acting ability, experience and professionalism.